Prior HR and Jonathan got me a range of Job opportunities and when they placed me I received the £400 relocation allowance. No other agency offered this – I recommend them.

Mary Andrews


Tips On Writing A Good CV

Firstly don't panic..
At Prior HR we will assist you in putting together your CV so please don’t be overwhelmed if you haven't put one together for a while.

We have 20 years' experience of successfully putting together CVs to make the most of your experience and qualifications  ..and its what we do best!

However, if you're putting together the notes or the first format of a CV before sending it to us to be polished here are some tips:

Gather all the relevant information to include on your CV

Personal Details

Up to date contact details

Chronological list of qualifications

Details of your previous roles and achievements

List under your roles a minimum of 3 notable achievements - eg  successful CQC report, promoted while in post, completed charity event with my team.

All the above information will provide us with the structure for your CV.

Writing your CV

The goal now is to write that eye catching CV that’s going to make the most of your knowledge and experience!

The way we will go about this with you is to use the CV document to sell you as efficiently as possible to employers.

We will do this with you by:

  • Keeping your CV to a maximum of 3 pages in length
  • Aim to provide small , digestible pieces of of information to ensure that your CV gets read
  • Ensure your CV is well structured and neatly laid out
  • Tailor your CV to the position you are going for …"craft the arrow to hit the target of you getting you that position"
  • Ensure everything you include is truthful and can be verified
  • Write it in a professional and concise style

Please now let us help you with finding your next position by calling us or e-mailing with your details / CV to:

Together we can produce a first class CV to get you the position you are looking for.

For further tips and information about our CV advice and CV writing services, please click the link below:

Prior HR CV Writing Tips and Information