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Mary Andrews


Interview Tips

We know how stressful the build up to interviews can be but there are some important steps you can take to calm yourself and be fully prepared.

In order to help you with this we have spoken to some of our most successful candidates and started clients on the steps they have taken to make interviews go as successfully as possible and here are some of the best ones -

- Be Prepared as Abraham Lincoln the Ex-President of The United States said

"If I was given six hours to chop down trees, I would spend the first hour sharpening the Axe …"

The moto here is preperation is the key and it makes the whole process less stressful and fills you with confidence about the interview ahead.

Start with the simple things it is often these that upset us and distract us from performing to our potential.

First point mentioned to us is always know the correct address and time of the interview, the interviewers full and their job title Prior HR we will be able to confirm these should you need reminding so please always call us.

If you need to supply documents - proof of qualifications, ID, Driving licence, passport ..double check them before leaving for interview - make a check list the night before.

Do as much homework on your potential employer as you can and find out about their business and its philosophy ..use their website and Linked In - at Prior HR we will be able to brief you on this but have a prowse so your truly familiar with them.

If the company doesn’t have a website then use traditional methods such as your local library and its reference section - many of our successful candidates have told us this is an under used resource and an excellent source of information

Also ask friends or colleagues if they know the organisation..good reputations and  recommendations speak volumes.

This will demonstrate to the interviewer your interest in the position and is the single biggest factor employers mentioned to us swung them towards one candidate rather than another with the same level of experience.

Make sure you are fully up to speed with all the details on your CV you are likely to be asked to talk through them ..interviewers told us this was particularly off putting if a candidate blanked when being asked about soemthing on their CV

Remember recruitment decisions can be made on several points and some relatively minor ones can tip the balance so first impressions count you should therefore dress appropriately for the position you are applying for.

Most all be confident we at Prior HR wouldn’t have put you forward unless we thought you get the position ..Good Luck and please remember to call us should you need any information or help.